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Rory Angus Buchanan

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Name:Rory Angus Buchanan
Birthdate:Oct 29
Location:Edinburgh, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Rory Angus Buchanan was born and raised in the small Scottish town of Linlithgow, about thirty minutes drive west of the country's capital city, Edinburgh. He adores his home town, and remained there when his parents moved north to Dornoch near the top end upon his father's retirement from the police force. Life used to be cruisey and uneventful for Rory. On the face of it, he was a typical Scottish lad who worked part-time as a wardsman at a local hospital. He lived a modest life in a small cottage a stone's throw from Linlithgow's loch with his Westie dog, Wee Willy. However, he lived a second life concealed from anyone who had no need to know what he did. When Rory wasn't working at the hospital, he was a hunter of supernatural beings whose very nature it was to wreck havoc on humans, working to rid a far-sweeping area of the Scottish Lowlands of the evils that lurked within it.

It was a tragic event that turned Rory to hunting. He lost the love of his life and mother of his nine month old baby daughter. Rory married his high school sweetheart when they were both just nineteen years old and at twenty, they welcomed their daughter, Mackie, into the world. But in an horrific turn of events that left Rory reeling and devastated, both his wife and daughter went missing during a walk around the base of Arthur's Seat, a large rock formation in the middle of Edinburgh. They went missing without a trace, and to this day, Rory still cannot fully explain what happened to them, but he eventually managed to deduce what had occurred. He searched and searched to find them, and along his way encountered veteran Hunter of the Edinburgh area, Wee Jock MacIntosh, only there was nothing wee about the man who looked every bit like he belonged on a Harley in a biker gang. He drew Rory into the world of hunting, teaching him everything he knew along the way. Rory has never looked back since, despite having come to the devastating resolution that he was never going to see his family again. It made him determined to hunt and save other people from experiencing the loss he did. It just happens to help that he's damn good at what he does, too.

Rory's every bit the cheeky Scot. He loves wearing his kilt in his beloved Buchanan tartan, and is patriotic to the core. He'll defend his country literally with his life, it just so happens that in this day and age, this Scottish warrior is battling far, far more than the English Army...

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This is an roleplay and muse journal for character Rory Angus Buchanan, an original character based in the canons of Vampire: The Masquerade (RPG) and Kindred: The Embraced (TV Show). All rights and written entries by naysowee is original work and owned by his creator. PB is Cam Gigandet.


Rory's life changed dramatically five years ago when he discovered the existence of a kind of vampire unlike any other, the Kindred. With much research, Rory began to deduce that the disappearance of his wife and daughter may have been at the hands of a rebel Kindred Clan, the Brujah, who had a reputation of producing vicious and reckless Kindred and giving the Clan a bad name. He travelled to Paris to seek further information, becoming almost obsessed with finding who killed his family. The Clan had gotten wind of his digging around, however, and in Paris, he was attacked ferociously by a gang of rebel Brujah who fiercely opposed to political hierarchy that governed the Kindred and The Masquerade, the Camarilla.

Rory's brother, Logan, who, knowing his brother a hunter, had concealed the fact he had a Kindred lover, heard of Rory's attack and immediately travelled to Paris to try to intervene the mess before it exploded. Logan was an MI6 Agent and with his Kindred connections, managed to liaise with the Kindred Prince of Paris, Blaise Richelieu. Blaise agreed to step in ensure Rory was returned to Scotland safely and the Brujah in question would be punished by death once he isolated who was to blame. But within days of his meetings with the Prince and following months of terrible migraines, Logan fell ill and was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, and was given just three months to live.

Without any choice, Rory was pulled firmly into world of the Kindred, The Masquerade. Logan began toying with the idea of becoming Embraced because he was dying, but he didn't make the choice until the last moments of his life. His ultimatum was that if he was to be Embraced, it was to be within a Scottish blood line, so Blaise called in a favour with his dear friend, the Prince of Scotland, Ealasaid Loudain. She was of the Toreador Clan, and she agreed to Embrace Logan if he wished that. Right before his death, Logan penned a note agreeing to be Embraced, putting his wish in writing due to the fact his brain functioning was impaired and he might not recover the memory of the decision. He died on the front steps of Ealasaid's Edinburgh estate in front of both of his brothers, and she Embraced him on the spot.

Even though Rory knew his brother would re-awake, witnessing him severely ill and dying in front of him affected Rory immensely. It was an even bigger blow when Logan re-awakened without knowledge of choosing his Embrace and had heightened emotions of anger and confusion that everyone had to deal with. Logan ended the relationship with his Kindred lover when the guy had issues with how promiscuous Logan had become. Logan didn't wished to be tied down anywhere and in the end, giving him his freedom and more control was what ultimately calmed him to adjust to being a very fine and powerful Kindred.

Now, five years later, Rory has become Ealasaid's companion and Vessel, with a potential soul connection between them but both are reluctant to analyse what is truly between them. Rory quit hunting and instead became a Kindred protector, a link between the mortal and Kindred world and intercepting any intended harm by humans or other species to harm Kindred. When his best friend, Airle MacKenzie, was Embraced against her will by her Kindred lover, Alistair Lamont, a result of a hunger, desire and passion-filled frenzy, Rory stepped in as her guider when her Sire had to remove himself from her for fear they may destroy her. Rory now lived with Ealasaid in Edinburgh, and he and Airlie are to accompany her on a trip to New York, where his brother has managed to get himself into an epic domino effect of shit...

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